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Insurance Innovation Lab


Insurance Innovation Lab

SAFE is an Insurance Innovation Lab created to foster and lead Israeli insurance & pension sectors in creating a technological revolution. Through the collaboration with global & local market leaders, regulatory authorities, experts, startups & entrepreneurs, it serves as an access point to great technologies and business opportunities.

The program has different stages and is designed to develop and grow the insurance and pension technologies through:

-        Creating a strong InsurTech & PensionTech community in Israel

-        Creating an “Innovators’ Club” for C-level innovation leaders to learn and interact with their counterparts, experts and innovators

-        Creating a physical space for Insurance and Pension Innovation activities

-        Establishing the INSURANCE TEST LAB for POC processes with startups in selected areas

-        Scouting & engagement program

-        Acceleration & mentorship program.


Our Vision:

Create a focal point  for InsurTech & PensionTech Innovation with value created for all the  market stakeholders. Connect great people, cutting-edge technologies,  brilliant ideas and market leaders globally.


Value Creation for Founding Partners*:

*Founding Partners are co-creators and decision-makers in all issues regarding the Lab’s development and the future projects as well as member acquisition and startups/ideas selection.

- Access to an active community of entrepreneurs:

Over 6.700 active community members already, incl. the group, Facebook group and the Whatsapp groups.

Over 34.000 innovators in all CREATORS channels (Newsletter, Linkedin, Facebook, Whatsapp, university networks).

- Your presence in at least 3 high-visibility events a year, incl. keynote and speaking opportunities as well as your logo and information about the company included in all the materials about each event.

- Ability to test great innovation and build smart POC processes in the INSURANCE TEST LAB environment with experts’ support.

- PR & marketing in the field of innovation and digitalization – positioning your company as an innovation leaders in the community.

- A voting right & decision making in issues relating to Insurance Innovation Lab, incl. decisions about accepting new members, creating new programs and community engagements, first right to see the ideas and startups coming to the Lab, personal introductions to entrepreneurs, market leaders, international mentors and more.

- Being an equal partner together with multinational insurance corporations – superb visibility and positioning of your company.

- Becoming an early-stage co-creator of a one-stop-shop for all the stakeholders (startups, corporations, regulation authority, venture capital, entrepreneurs, experts etc.) to work together on strengthening the industry and leading innovation.

Membership Perks**:

** Founding partners get both the value created for and with them in founding the lab as well as all the membership perks, including a “Platinum Member” status throughout the first 2 years. In the subsequent years, the founding partners choose their membership type based on individual preferences.

- Better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in their industry (both internally & externally).

- Tailor-made challenge creation and startup solutions to create real, measureable value.

- Access to technology insights and relevant startups.

- Employees learn real tools and methodologies becoming innovation-driven.

- Building a viable POC model with experts.

- Promotion and marketing in an innovative and visible way

- “Innovators Club” series: roundtable meetings with all the members and chosen experts to explore industries, technologies, learn together and do short “innovation sprints” twice a year.

And much more!


 Join us:

SAFE is an exclusive membership project.  We are looking for trendsetters in the Insurance and Pension industries to  become the founding partners and – with our support – become leaders of the Israeli  InsurTech & PensionTech. 



Roy Zaban, Strategic Projects Lead