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The Science of Innovation

Where are you on a Corporate Innovation Scale?

Level 1

This Is Where We Start

Your company is aware of the need to innovate, but lacks innovation culture.
The current innovative actions revolve around PR and visibility in the startup ecosystem instead of a long-term strategy.
Get to the next level by attending our Innovation workshops (PROGRAMS)

Level 2

Innovate Internally

No more avoiding it: You need to create a real innovation platform for your staff. Without it, no real change can happen.
Get to the next level by participating in the Innovation Champions Program or Customer Lab (PROGRAMS).

Level 3

Get Great at Engagement

Your internal innovation programs work well. Now it's the time to implement both internal and external innovation to create real value.
Get to the next level through Grand Challenges Lab, or get relevant deal flow through the Innovation Champions Membership (PROGRAMS).

Level 4

Create Your “Innovation Lab”

You’re interacting with startups and innovation stakeholders. You know great relevant startups, lead meaningful engagements and have successful external innovation programs. Bravo!
Upgrade your company by creating a comprehensive approach to innovation (CONTACT US).

Level 5

Create Your “Startup Factory”

Congratulations! You have successful internal and external innovation programs and can measure their success. Ready to connect corporate and startup worlds together to skyrocket your potential?
Learn about CREATORS IDEAtion Lab (PROGRAMS).

What Else Do We Have to Offer?


We are devoted to helping innovation leaders grow. Therefore, we produce research, community events and articles, making our expertise accessible.

Feel free to give us feedback, suggestions and propose new topics.

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