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Executive Education Programs


CREATORS executive education programs are uniquely designed to help companies achieve and maintain Innovation Excellence. These flexible programs create a one-stop-shop  for internal and/or external corporate innovation project. The end product fits your needs exactly while simultaneously enhancing your value.

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100% Tailored Programs

1-15 participants, incl. middle management to C-Level executives

1-5 day intensive courses based on a variety of available modules

Fairly Low Commitment

Participants decide what sort of knowledge and tools will best facilitate their innovation efforts

The final program is based on participants’ insights and CREATORS’ proven research

Business and Pleasure!

This high-impact program changes the way corporate leaders approach innovation

Get to explore the Startup Nation (networking with Israeli innovation leaders, startups, R&D centers and more) & discover Israel's beauty

Innovation Champions Program


Without employee engagement, no company will foster innovation. The program encourages companies to empower their staff to become innovative professionals, regardless of their place in the organization.

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Excellence in Corporate Innovation

Derived from a 6-month program through three stages:

STAGE 1: Bootcamp

STAGE 2: Virtual Training Sessions, webinars and roundtables

STAGE 3: Champions Network

Medium-High Commitment

From selected corporate innovation leaders

STAGE 1: 5-day training in Tel Aviv or your HQ 

STAGE 2: 2-5 hours a week for project implementation (6 months)

Transformative Experience

Mentors and experts help you during the 6-month period to excel at your project and use tools to innovate WITHIN your position, not in addition to regular tasks

A great way to start your innovation journey!



CREATORS Ideation Lab’s mission is to build great startups from scratch based on real market needs coming from industry leaders. It’s a “Startup Factory” that lets you create relevant solutions from scratch and form strategic partnerships.

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9-Month Ideation Program

based on MIT & CREATORS developed methodology:

3-month challenge creation

3-month idea creation

3-month venture creation

Fairly High Commitment

Including selected departments to create real synergy

Stage 1: 20 hours/month

Stage 2: 25 hours/month

Stage 3: 15 hours/month

Co-create with Entrepreneurs

Combination of outside perspective and internal expertise

25 entrepreneurs + corporate experts = 10 work teams to eventually establish 2-3 startups

Grand Challenges Lab


Grand Challenges Lab is the place where real market challenges voiced by industry leaders meet entrepreneurs, startups and researchers. Think of this program as an “extended hackathon”, with actual solutions ready to be implemented at the end of the process.

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3-4 Month High-Impact Program

Concentrating on incremental technology developed for strategic partners in chosen verticals

Stage 1: challenges published

Stage 2: participants selected

Stage 3: intensive bootcamp

Stage 4: development phase

Fairly Low Commitment

from selected departments and R&D team

Participants from all corners of the innovation ecosystem – startups, sole founders, researchers and more

IP Owned by Strategic Partners

Partners receive tailor-made technology and solutions for formerly defined challenges

Winning teams awarded with prizes and/or convertible note if desired

GovTech Lab


Partner with us to create a specialized Public Sector Program for your government’s challenges.

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6-8 Month Unique GovTech Lab

Bump your innovative capacity two levels up!

6-stage process starting with challenge creation, leading to pilot projects with relevant startups solving these challenges.

Medium Commitment

Work with the pre-selected “innovation champions team” inside your institution

1-3 hours a week throughout the program spent on innovation strategy

Ready for a Pilot?

Solve your institution’s problems through a methodological, high-impact program

Active participation in an innovation community – putting your institution on a map!

Customer Lab


It’s one of our favorite ways to check your customers' and employees' needs as well as how to address them efficiently.

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Customer-Centric Approach 

2-3 months to define your challenges as broadly or as narrowly as you see fit, creating real value for your company TODAY

Stage 1: preparation for customer lab sprint, research  

Stage 2: 2 x 48-hour sprints with relevant customers and corporate employees

Stage 3: Results optimization and next steps defined

Medium-Low Commitment  

Work with selected individuals from the corporation & participate in 2 sprints

Company’s resources are considered when planning the next steps

Actionable Strategy

Clear definition of your  innovation capacity, growth possibilities and market opportunities  

Understand your place within the innovation ecosystem and get to the next level

We flipped the innovation model on its head