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Chief Digital Officer Report

The Digital Transformer Guide

“Chief Digital Officer: The Digital Transformer Guide” by CREATORS is a comprehensive collection of survey results, personal interviews, research and best practices from around the world that analyze the role, the constrains and the opportunities for Chief Digital Officers responsible for digital transformation. To get your FREE PDF, fill in the following form:

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About the Report

This report serves as a guide to the world of digital transformation, specifically the role of CDO – the Chief Digital Officer – in making the digital transition successful. During this journey, we want to inspire you by presenting and giving context to lessons learned from surveyed practitioners and analyzing the collected data and general research.

The report is based on four different source types: information regarding Chief Digital Officer use cases and best practices from around the globe, qualitative interviews with 10+ Chief Digital Officers, analytical data from 100 CDOs from five continents gathered through our anonymous survey as well as external literature.

This report is not intended to provide new scientific research findings, nor to determine a one-size-fits-all solution for the CDO position. The goal is to give our readers a tool of practical relevance. In other words, a compass to navigate through digital transformation challenges and objectives.

The material can be understood both as a starting point in the developing your company’s digital capability or as a “check list” to see if you are on track in taking all different success factors into consideration. In both cases, it is a set of suggestions rooted in research and – above all else – in practice.


We hope that you will find this material relevant and helpful.