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GovTech Leaders 2020

GovTech Leaders 2020: Changemakers in Action

Meet 20 Exceptional GovTech Leaders of the Year 2020!

We are excited to present you with the GovTech Leaders list, which consists of some of the most successful GovTech experts worldwide. Of course, we are aware that we might have missed some incredible people – we hope to include all the rising stars of GovTech next year.

This is a personal profile of the GovTech leaders: we have conducted conversations with them to understand what motivates these successful individuals, why they chose to work with GovTech and what are the biggest challenges of this sector. We wanted to get to know them better so that you could learn about them too.


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Who are GovTech Leaders?

This collection of GovTech experts has been discovered through our work over the course of the last few years. By no means do we find this list complete –this is why we invite you to contact us and “nominate” your colleagues and leaders in your community that you admire. We will be honored to include them in our next report.

Each expert included in this list makes contribution to GovTech in their own special way: we have featured public officials, GovTech hub founders, investors and entrepreneurs making a real change in the world of public sector innovation. This variety of experts is needed to expand the GovTech ecosystem and build its innovative capacity globally.

We also do not specifically focus on the leading GovTech nations. We want to demonstrate that GovTech is a movement around the world that has been influencing local and central government activities regardless of the geography.


Want to know more about GovTech?

We hope that you will enjoy the perspectives of GovTech Leaders. If you would like to get to know this sector better, we have just published theGovTech Report about the most prominent programs and best practices from around the world. You can download the report HERE.

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