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Corporate Innovation Report

Welcome to the Jungle!

The Corporate Innovation Report by CREATORS is a comprehensive collection of case studies, lessons learned and best practices concerning the implementation of innovation programs in corporations. To get your FREE PDF, fill in the following form:

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More than a Report

This report serves as a guide to the colorful world of corporate innovation. During this journey, we want to inspire you by presenting, analyzing and giving context to different innovation practices within the corporate world.


The report is based on four different source types:

  1. Information regarding 168 corporate innovation programs
  2. Qualitative interviews with 10+ leading innovation experts
  3. Analytical data from Fortune 500 corporate executives gathered through our anonymous survey
  4. External literature.

This report is not intended to provide new scientific research findings, nor to determine a one-size-fits-all solution for the corporate innovation world. The goal is to give our readers a tool of practical relevance. In other words, a compass to navigate through the jungle of corporate innovation practices. By showcasing different industry activities, program models and best practices within corporations, we want to inspire decision makers to improve, build and implement great innovation programs. Lastly, this report will enable companies to find their very own successful path through the innovation jungle.

The report is structured in three chapters, following the lean launchpad methodology of Build-Measure-Learn. We sincerely hope it will be a practical guide to creating the best innovation activities out there.